3 Gourmet Pretzels Pack

3 Gourmet Pretzels Pack

Gourmet pretzels are delicious snacks made from high-quality ingredients. The perfect combination of crunchy and chewy, these pretzels are ideal for an afternoon snack or party appetizer. This amazing 3 pack will give you a chance to sample a variety of Gourmet Pretzels. Enjoy them alone or dipped in your favorite sauce - either way, they're sure to please! Buy your pretzels now!

  • · Once you purchase this 3 pack, please send me a message with the form provided below to let me know which flavors you would like, whether it be a single flavor or a mixture.


BBQ & Ale


Honey Mustard
Jalapeno Cheddar

Mexican Fiesta 

Southwest Ranch

Sweet Chipotle

$15.00 per 3 Package

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