Jill Lavely-Mills

Hello my name is Jill Lavely-Mills I am the Proud owner of Bear Hug Foods, Comfort Foods from the heart… 

     We carry Dips, Beer Bread Mixes, Wine Slushies and Gourmet Pretzels. When it comes to comfort snacks, nothing is more satisfying than indulging in some delectable treats. From Gourmet pretzels, to warm freshly made beer bread or even something simple like Chips or veggies and dip. there's something for everyone!

     For those with a sweet tooth, try a cool and refreshing wine slushie, takes you back to your childhood…Adult Icee in a cup.- the perfect way to end an emotional day. If savory flavors are preferred, opt for our pretzels or Beer Bread - guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

      Whether you're looking for an effortless snack or a unique gourmet experience, there's no denying that comfort foods provide a respite from the daily grind. As a veteran of snacking, I can confidently tell you that nothing hits the spot quite like a handful of comfort snack foods 


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